Sate Ayam Madura Recipes

"Sate Ayam Madura" that was a popular foods in Indonesia, almost all city of Indonesia sell this foods, and the seller is original people from Madura, Madura is a province on Java, and sate ayam in english is Chicken Satay. The most popular and delicious Chicken Satay in Indonesia was made from Madura, and then called by "Sate Ayam Madura"

However a lots of Indonesian Culinary, every foods has a thew and Sate Ayam Madura has a smoothy texture, very tasty, you will feel the original seasoning made from Indonesia. Now, Indonesian Foods Corner will give you the recipes, How to Make Sate Ayam Madura that was given by original people from Madura.

Firstly, you should prepare this Ingredients :

1. For Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay) :

- 1 kg of Chicken Meat, without the skin and bones
- 150 ml sweet ketchup
- 2 lime fruit
- 40 pieces skewer for satay

2. For Seasoning

- 250 grams of cooked peanuts
- 4 pieces of garlic cloves
- 5 pieces of red onion cloves
- 2 red chili
- 500 ml of boiled water
- 2 lime leaves
- to taste salt
- 100 ml of sweet ketchup

Secondly, now just follow step by step on Sate Madura Recipes :

1. Slice the chicken meat form the dice, and then pin the dice chicken meat with skewers for satay until finish, set aside.

2. Mashed all of the seasoning ingredients, except ketchup, boiled water, and lime. Mashed until be smoothy and then put the ketchup, boiled water, and lime on this. After that, cook all of them until cooked, take it and set aside.

3. Mix the chicken satay with seasoning in step 2, make sure all part and side of satay get seasoning.

4. Then, Grill Chicken satay, while you grill the satay, spread the satay with ketchup. make sure that satay was cooked correctly.

5. Finally, serve the Sate Ayam Madura with slices lime.

Well, that was an ingredients and step by step how to make Sate Ayam Madura as the one of lots of Indonesian Culinary. What do you think about that ? Good Luck :)


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