How to Make Es Kelapa Muda Segar

Es Kelapa Muda Segar, as popular Indonesian Iced Drinks, also called by "Es Degan". In English, Es called by "Ice", Kelapa Muda called by Coconut, and Segar in english is "Fresh", so Es Kelapa Muda Segar in english is, Fresh Coconut Iced Drink. And here is Es Kelapa Muda Segar Recipes, only at Indonesian Foods Corner.

Ingredients :

- 300 grams of shredded coconut pulp
- 1/4 teaspoon of Vanila Powder
- 2000 grams of salt
- 1200 ml of Coconut Milk
- 4 pieces of Pandan Leaves
- 400 gram white sugar
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 4000 grams of Ice shavings

Step by Step :

1. Boil the coconut milk, salt, white sugar, pandan leaves and vanilla powder untul boiled correctly, while you boil it, stir manually and slowly.

2. And then, put all of shredded coconut pulp to the boiled coconut milk  (according to step one), mix it correctly

3. Prepare ice shavings with salt, put on a bowl

4. Then put mixed coconut milk with shredded coconut pulp into that bowl, 

5. Serve for 10 people

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