Es Cendol Recipes

Es cendol, if you want to get very fresh drink in Indonesia you must try this one, called by "Es Cendol". Very Phenomenal drinks in Indonesia, this is unknown drinks, where they came from, and who give the name as "Es Cendol", but this is an original Indonesian drinks. This drink has made by some traditional ingredients.

Indonesian Foods Corner - Lose your thirst and reducing your hungry, that's it. In actually, Es Cendol is the most popular drink in Indonesia, every original people in Indonesia has been knowing this drink, because almost all people in Indonesia like to drink this beverages. Now, I give you the original recipes How to Make Es Cendol , with their steps and ingredients. 

Ingredients for Cendol as a pulp :

- 100 grams of hunkew powder
- 50 grams of rice powder
- 100 ml pandan and suji leaves water.
- 600 ml boiled water
- 1 tablespoon salt

Ingredients for completed material :

- 5 pieces of jackfruit pulp
- 100 grams of black sticky tape
-  ice nugget, to taste

Ingredients for Simple Syrup :

- 200 ml boiled water
- 500 grams of brown sugar
- 100 grams of white sugar
- 3 pieces of pandan leaves

Ingredients for santan (coconut milk)

- 1500 ml of coconut milk
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 2 pieces of pandan leaves

Step by step how to make Es Cendol :

1. Mix all of Ingredients for Cendol until all of these items has mixed correctly.

2. Prepare a bowl with hot water, put the mold of cendol on it, and press until the dough appear, do it manually until all of dough getting out and cendol has done.

3.  To make their simple syrup, just boil all of ingredients for simple syrup in a bowl or pan, until all of these ingredients are melted.

4. And for the santan, just boil all of ingredients for santan in a bowl or pan, mix it, remember! do not make the coconut milk be broken. 

5. Prepare a cup or glass, put 3 tablespoon of cendol, 2 or 3 pieces of jackfruit pulp, 2 tablespoon of
black sticky tape, put ice nuggets on it, and then pour the simple syrup and santan. Server soon as, while they are on cold condition.

Well, what do you think about this Recipes for Es Cendol ? Fantastic, Indonesia has so much culinary foods, and you will see the other recipes in the next post.

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