Kue Cucur Spesial Recipes

The other one Kue Basah from Indonesia called by Kue Cucur. Kue Cucur, is the most popular kue basah in Indonesia, an as long as I know, this Kue Basah is from Betawi, one part of Jakarta City. And here is the recipes for this Cake,

Kue Cucur Spesial Recipes

Ingredients :

- 230 ml of boiled water
- 125 grams of brown sugar
- 2 pieces of pandan leaves
- 125 grams of rice powder
- 30 grams of wheat powde
- 1/4 teaspoon of salt

step by step :

1. Boil the water, brown sugar and pandan leaves, stir it and let it warm.

2. Mix the rice powder, wheat powder and salt, stir it

3. Put the simple syrup from step one into the dough in step 2, mix it until all of simple syrup has finish, and then let it in 40 minutes

4. Warm 4 tablespoon of cooking oil in a small frying pan, and put the dough until pull the fibers

5. Pin a middle part with fork and then return the dough, until cooked correctly

6. Serve it.

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