How to Make Serabi Bandung

Bandung Serabi Cake or known as Kue Serabi Bandung one of many Kue Basah kinds from Indonesia, the original Indonesian Foods from Java, exactly from Bandung. Kue Serabi Bandung is really familiar, almost all city in Indonesian know this cake, although they never eat it.

Kue Serabi Bandung or Bandung Serabi Cake has made by some ingredients which can be found on the market. This Kue Serabi Bandung is the most popular kinds of serabi cakes in Indonesia, they has sticky taste, more better if you serve with their sauce called by kuah kinca. Now, Indonesian Foods Corner will give you Kue Serabi Bandung Recipes original from the master of serabi cake.

Ingredients for Kue Serabi Bandung :

- 250 grams of wheat flour
- 2 eggs
- 550 ml of coconut milk
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt
- 2 pandan leaves for coloring serabi (additional)

Ingredients for sauce (kuah kinca) :

- 600 ml of coconut milk
- 75 grams of brown sugar
- 75 grams of white sugar
- 2 pandan leaves
- 1/2 teaspoon of salt

If all of these ingredients are ready, follow this step by step how to make Kue Serabi Bandung :

1. Put all of wheat powder, eggs, and salt into a bowl, mix it and put the coconut milk bit by bit until all of them (dough) be smoothy and prevalent. And then let it until 15 minutes.

2. Heat the mold of serabi up with low level of fire until  2 minutes or less(you can use small frying pan that has been oiled by averaged with cooking oil).

3. Put the dough into the mold of serabi, let it until issued small holes, and then closed it with the lid. Let it frying it self until 10 minutes, and then take it up, and put in the plate.

4. After that, now you must make the sauce of kue serabi Bandung, called by kuah kinca, cook all of ingredients for sauce (kuah kinca) in a bowl, you must always mix it manually until all of fused, after it let it boiling it self, and then take it up.

5. Serve Kue Serabi Bandung (Bandung Serabi Cake) with their sauce (Kuah Kinca).

However, the best result of this recipes are came from Indonesia, because they have trained to make this cake. See you in the next Indonesian Foods Recipes. :)

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