Es Dawet Recipes

Indonesian Foods Corner - Es Dawet, is the only one Iced Drinks which came from Jepara, Indonesia, and this is a one of many favorite iced drinks in Indonesia. Indonesia has a lots of iced drinks, like Es Cendol, Es Degan, Es Dawet and etc. and Es Dawet is the most popular iced drinks. So, here is Es Dawet Recipes.

Ingredients :

- 300 ml of coconut milk
- 2 pieces of pandan leaves
- 2 tablespoon of whiting
- 2 ons of cornflour
- 500 cc boiled water
- 3 pieces of suji leaves
- 150 grams of Jackfruit
- ice nugget
- a teaspoon of salt
- vanili

step by step :

`1.  Mashed the suji and pandan leaves, take the water of these in 1/4 of glass, and then mix with whiting in 1/2 glass.

 2. Boiled that liquid (in step 1), with salt and then put the cornflour bit by bit and stir it until cooked correctly and thick, than set aside.

3. Take a big bowl with boiled water, put the filter inside (above the water), and then put the dough (in step 2), press the dough until getting out some used dough.

4. Boil the coconut milk, salt, and vanili, let it until cooked correctly and then set aside.

5. Put the filtered dough (see step 3) in a big glass with boiled coconut milk (see step 4) and then put ice nugget and jackfruit inside.

6. Serve

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